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The C20XE is a General Motors engine. It is a 1998cc (2.0L) 16 valve, DOHC inline 4 cylinder engine producing 110kw (150PS).

The break down of the engine name is as follows:

  • C - Exhaust Emissions Level: ECE R 83 A (like R 15.04)
  • 20 - 2.0L
  • X - Compression Ratio - 10.0-11.5:1
  • E - Mixture System - Injection

The C20XE engine featured in many General Motors vehicles including some models of the Opel Astra and the Opel Calibra, and was commonly referred to as the 'Red Top' because of its pleasing and distinct appearance. At the time of its launch, this engine was something of a milestone unit in Europe and was widely used in motorsport in many specialist Race versions. It is still revered and sought by enthusiasts today some 18 years later.


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